Synthetic Man Slipper Brown (620044 UC)

Slide sandals, the pinnacle of comfort. Open and breezy, a favorite choice for the hot and humid climate in Singapore. Some call them sliders, slide-in slippers or slide-in sandals. Light, soft, modelled on your expectations. Offer security to your movements and excellent grip on all surfaces. 2 buckle front straps allow for good fitting – this means that we can adjust them to fit different angles and sizes of your instep (that’s the top part of your foot). You can stay comfortable & stylish year-round with these comfy shoes. 

  • Suede leather insole
  • Leather upper
  • Upper with adjustable buckle
  • Polyurethane sole
  • Sole height 3.5 cm

Recommended for:

Stylish dudes with Arch Pain, Achilles Tendonitis, Bunions, Corns, Flat Feet, and Plantar Fasciitis.


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